Mountain Biking Tour in Rishikesh

Attractive mountain biking tour packages and deals Are you a crazy travel freak or a person bundled with full on adventure? Travel to Uttarakhand, the land of Gods and also the home of Himalayas, truly your adventure hunt will end here. Truly a paradise on earth the adventure and fun that it possesses beckons avid travelers from places far and wide. Everything about this state situated in the Northern part of India makes it a very popular escapade. Not only it is serene in its own unique form but also offers endless tourists with fascinating adventure sports and one such is Mountain biking.

Mountain biking has been a popular sport which consists of riding bicycles off road often over rough terrain using especially adapted mountain bikes. It is a sport which requires lot of stamina, endurance, balance, core strength, bike handling skills and total focus. If you are a lot eager to experience this adventure sport here in the hills of Uttaranchal we at The Junk Yard Camp will offer you with extremely enticing Mountain biking tour package.

Paddling through the hills and taking watch of the nature from close quarters will be one of the most enthralling experiences of our lifetime. Mountain biking will offer you with all the adventure and thrill you have been longing for. Paddle downhill, take glimpses of the lush green meadows and also come face to face with the beauty of the diminutive villages scattered her and there. Best for you will be to avail our mountain biking deals which will offer you with a golden chance to paddle across some of the most major attractions for mountain biking and some of them are:
  • Rishikesh
  • Ramnagar
  • Nainital
  • Ranikhet
  • Kosi River
  • Garhwal Mountains
  • Kumaon Mountains
Altogether it will be a stunning experience of its own kind, we will offer you with all the pleasure that you need. If you are planning for adventure biking you can easily avail the attractive deals offered by us at very competitive rates. All you need to do is to follow us online, we will provide you with numerous adventure mountain biking deals and you can avail the one that suits you the best. Set yourself to explore the wonders of nature in a very different manner and bring to life the very adventure freak in you. There will be nothing more action-packed than a mountain biking trip across the rocky terrain of Uttarakhand.