Camp Bonfire in Rishikesh

Travelling is one of the most intriguing hobbies in one’s life as one travel and gets to meet up new people around, get acquainted and share their real stories or life experiences. Just imagine the lush green Himalayan valleys, pure flowing water of river and different people laughing and sitting around Bonfires outside their camps. What a sight? It sounds exciting and challenging both. Rishikesh is known as adventure town in India because it hosts numerous spine-tingling activities to its visitors.

Camping in Rishikesh is just awesome because it is one of the most unusual experiences in anybody’s life. Even adventurers enjoy camp staying especially because of the bonfires in the night that relax them and soothe their senses. Bonfires/campfires are arranged during nights for the travelers to provide warmth in open cool spaces and also to ignite an air of entertainment inside the camps. As the bonfire starts sparkling the night, holidaymakers come out of their camps and assemble around it. They are served with beverages or meals under the blankets of starts and infuse a new energy in the whole camp. Some people start dancing on the tunes of light rock music and some pick corners with their friends to gossip. A chain of happy memories is knitted during that short while and is cherished by one and all.

Bonfires or these campfires are part of daily routine in the camps and is awaited by the guests. Staying alone in the camps could have sounded dull but if one camp in groups, then the excitement gets doubled. These bonfires bring a source of happiness amongst camps and people just forget about their day to day stresses and worries for short time. Travelers share their never forgotten happy moments of their life amongst each other around the bonfires.

Rishikesh sets camps on both riverside and amidst jungles. The weather during night is bit cooler because of greenery and river coast. Bonfires play an important role during nights. Firstly, the heat from the bonfires spread warmth in the atmosphere and creates a cozy ambience for the adventurers. Secondly, Bonfires at Jungle campsites keep the animals away and secure the area. The light helps the travelers in walking around and finding their way back to campsites.

Barbecues are organized for the holidaymakers and adventurers around the campfires in the night after their long exhausting day. This eases their tiredness and bubble the laughter spell amongst them. Camping becomes more exciting and delightful with these bonfires. One can hear the jingles of live orchestra in the jungle camps and refresh old faded reminiscences of life.

During winters, the chilled nights are quite depressing and bring shivers. Campfires are especially lit around the streets of the town as well as outside few camps to settle warmness in and ease numbness of the body. Rishikesh is one of the best places in India to experience camping around bonfires. Here people always feel young and energetic as the magic of the town electrifies their heart and soul.